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Genealogy of families related to
Jean-Pierre and Loleï

This site is intended to be the repository of the genealogy data of families related to Jean-Pierre and Loleï

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Généalogie des familles apparentées à
Jean-Pierre et Loleï

Ce site a pour but de rassembler les données généalogiques des familles apparentées à Jean-Pierre et Loleï.

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Acknowledgements and Thanks  •  Reconnaissance et remerciements

This work would not have been possible without the help of many family members and public servants in many villages, towns and cities throughout France and, in particular, that of my elder sister Christine B-D who has been my principal source of family information and a wonderful editor for forty years.  Special thanks and gratitude also go to my first cousins Claude B, Martine B, Patrice R, Anne-Lise R-T, and Arnaud R and, my first cousins once removed, Isabelle B-C, François L and the late Pierre L and my second cousins Françoise "Bibie" L-M and Hubert P for their research efforts and contributions and for sharing information for which I am most appreciative. To each and all thank you and please continue to provide as much assistance as possible to this never ending project... your relatives and descendants will be as grateful to you as I am!

While all efforts are made to insure accuracy, the information contained on the pages of this website may include errors or inaccuracies and/or may not be complete and we decline any responsibility for the consequences of its use.  Caveat lector. 
Information herein may be updated at any time and content can be expected to vary from time to time.

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